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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Answers On a Post Card Please

Its been a funny old week...we continue to be amazed at the way in which God is blessing us financially....Today we had a further cheque through from the PPI...endless blessings from the floodgates....and thus more to give away too.

I love my Zafira.....and we have been able to re-decorate as mentioned in previous book ourselves a 3 day treat to the Isle of Wight in a beach front hotel with balcony and view over the sea.....and the fact that Chris hasn't had to "work " his notice apart from the odd day has meant he can do all the re-decorating in the day time .

Chris has also heard from the pension folk and he has been given the go ahead to retire early from 1st October and the pension payable is about what we thought...and it means the pressure is off him to get a hugely well paid job with same kind of income he is on now so he can relax a little and take some time to hear what God is saying with regard to his future employment. We also heard he has a lump sum payable to him too on 1st October which will allow us to replace his old car and to pay off a chunk of our mortgage thus bringing down our monthly repayment so all in all the floodgates are still open above The Mooneys.

In all of this I am still perplexed re what God has in store for me personally....I am a self employed full time Personal Assistant to the wonderful young man I care for...and I also childmind...slowly but surely my childminding has dropped off and despite thinking I had a sure thing with a new family I didn't get the contract....then yesterday I saw another family but haven't got that contract either and then today I heard that the wee boy I presently childmind and positively adore will be heading off to sunnier places and I will be left with no children at all....

So...what is God saying to me...I have always 100% believed that God has always brought me the right child...right the right time over the last 10 years and therefor was quite surprised when a recent family decided not to use me...I get calls/emails fairly regularly yet not actually being IS...

1) Has God got the very best child / family waiting in the wings for me??
2) Is God saying ..time to stop childminding??
3) or lay it down for a while and see what happens..??

So...those of you with prophetic gifting...the gift of encouragement ....or a word to bring light into situation...



Sue said...

It all sounds very exciting Irene. As for the childminding, whatever God has planned for you it will be even better than the ones that haven't worked out.

Re said...

I would wiat and see...if you are meant to carry on then the right child/family will come along if not then so be it and it will give you more time to spend with Chris and maybe do something together.